Ring Saw 101

A Ring Saw is commonly confused with a Rotary Saw, but they are very different. Ring saws are used to cut walls and glass safely and effectively. Attempting to cut threw solid walls or glass can be a difficult and dangerous procedure. Many people try to do so with a regular diamond blade wheel cutter. This usually ends up with a broken piece of glass and potentially, a trip to the emergency room at the hospital. Let alone, the massive clean-up of the broken shards. None of these scenarios will prove to be a fun time.

Be Safe
Before you even plug your ring saw in, you need to ensure your own safety. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction manual for the model of saw that you own. Everybody wants to just open up the box and get to work on their projects but knowledge truly is power. Your ring saw is not a toy and without respecting the damage it can do, you can really get hurt badly.

It is also imperative that you wear goggles when operating the saw. A dust mask is also wise as breathing the glass dust can be very harmful. It is wise to wear gloves to protect your hands as well.

Why Use A Ring Saw?
A quality ring saw can cut glass and tile with incredible ease. It is the safest way to do these jobs and is actually cost-effective to use. Ring saws will prove to be time-saving too.

Because they are designed specifically for glass and tile cutting, rotary saws will cut down on breakage during the cutting process. Several pieces of glass can be cut at the same to which minimizes time spent on the project. Both are certainly assets.

What Can I Do With A Ring Saw?
There are many projects that will prove to be simpler by using a ring saw. Merely by having the right tool for the job, your task will be accomplished faster and with fewer problems.

A ring saws can be very economical, especially if you have children who play ball. Every parent knows the feeling of dread when the sound of breaking glass emanates through the house. For those with windows having small, individual panes, you can save a ton of money by having a ring saw. By purchasing a large piece of glass and using your ring saw to cut it, you can eliminate the additional charge at the glass store for cutting. Since you will always have glass on hand, you will be eliminating the time spent with cardboard on your window.

Many people will use ring saw blades to cut glass tiles. Glass tiles are often used as a backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. Backsplashes not only add beauty to your home but they also add value. By cutting and installing a backsplash yourself, you will increase your property value with less money directly out of your pocket.

Stain glass hobbyists say their tool of choice is the ring saw. A ring saw can cut intricate patterns on several pieces of glass at the same time. It also grinds the sharp edges while cutting hence making it a great tool for those that create stained glass.

Clean It Up
It is a good rule to always clean your ring saw thoroughly when you are finished using it. This not only extends the life of the tool but the life of the blade as well. Blades can be expensive so proper care can save you cash.

It is unwise to store your saw with water in it. The water can cause the blade to rust and elemental build up can decrease proper water movement when in use. Always empty the reservoir and dry it out with paper towels.

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